ITA Team

Amir Farhan, B.Sc, M.Sc. Amir is graduate of Manchester University (UK) with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Digital Electronics. For over 20 years Amir has been involved in Information Technology with directorships at companies such as MicroWare Group Plc and Onyx MicroSolutions Plc. He is currently Managing Director of I T Architechture Ltd. In his many years in the IT industry, Amir has been responsible for the successful implementation of countless IT and ERP projects at numerous enterprises in the UK such as Lecia Camera, Finsbury Instruments (medical), A C Cossor (medical), Defence Systems, Close Premium Finance (banking), P G S Exploration (oil). Amir is married and has four children.

Nilesh Patel, B.Sc, M.Sc. With a solid foundation of a Masters degree in Information Technology and professional qualifications such as MCSE 2003, MSCE Messaging 2003, MCDBA and Cisco CCNA. Nilesh is a technical engineer with over seven years of mainstream experience in varying server technologies and network expertise. Nilesh is adept at resolving technical problems, managing installations of server, switches, routers and the configuration of virtual private networks. Nilesh is married and has two daughters.

John McMullan has been IT Architechture’s software and program developer for the past 15 years. He has been responsible for the development of numerous tools that help increase the effectiveness of standard accounting software packages. He has also helped our customers with special software developments in particular in the service and travel industries. John lives in Ashtead with his wife and two daughters.

Ed Ruck-Keene is our CRM Specialist and is a founder director of Tactic Solutions Ltd, creators of the SalesNotes software. He has a wide experience of Business to Business sales, particularly in the SME marketplace. Ed lives in North Yorkshire with his wife Barbara and two daughters, Eve and Rosa. He is a keen chef, motorist, photographer and theatre goer and an appallingly bad golfer….

Mushtaq Hassan B.Sc.,  is a graduate of University of Technology with a degree in Architectural Engineering. For over 10 years as an architect, Mushtaq had a special  responsibility for software and IT systems. Mushtaq now is leading our support team for ERP  solutions and IT systems. He  enjoys interior design and playing chess. Mushtaq is married and has two daughters.