Blueprint – Tailored IT  & Support Services

Tailored IT Solutions and Support Services

IT Architechture has been providing tailored IT solutions and support services through its Blueprint service. Every Blueprint created is unique. Individual customers have individual requirements so your BluePrint will only deliver what you need when you need it.

For a fixed monthly fee, we supply the additional resources, skills and knowledge needed to run your business technology more effectively. If you already employ IT personnel then we support them. If you do not, then we will act as your virtual IT department.

10 Reasons for BluePrint

1. Benefit from an expanded team of technology experts without the overhead.

2. Transfer some of the risk of your IT projects as implementation becomes a shared responsibility

3. Guarantee a consistent level of service & support for your business regardless of staff holidays or sickness

4. Call in ad-hoc, but highly specialised skills on demand – for short projects or specific business requirements.

5. Enjoy receiving regular, competitor-beating advice and opportunities from our strategy team.

6. Reap bigger cost-savings through our volume purchasing arrangements with today’s top IT brand manufacturers.

7. Generate larger profits as your unique Blueprint continues to streamline your business processes, mobility and technology.

8. Reclaim lost working hours – less downtime equals more productivity.

9. Stimulate a better working environment. Your staff love using up-to-date-, reliable and time-saving technology & applications.

10. Seize the momentum your company is truly capable of. Every Blueprint ensures total systems stability, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business

BluePrint: Description of Services

Hardware Maintenance

* If a fault cannot be rectified remotely, then an engineer will be on-site within 4 working hours to carry out repair.

* All parts are supplied free of charge

* Re-installation of data where possible as part of the repair

* Unlimited number of repair visits

* Replacement equipment provided if repair cannot be done on-site

Operating Systems Support

This covers all telephone support queries relevant to the operating systems in use. There is no limit to the number of calls placed. We will respond within 4 working hours. Operating systems covered include MS Windows Servers (and derivatives), Exchange Servers, Internet Servers, file and print servers.

Planned Maintenance Visits

To review the operation of systems and deal with any problems that have arisen since the last visit. Fine tune the performance of the servers and apply any service packs and patches that are needed; ensure that backup systems are properly operational; check the network settings, shared and mapped drives and sharing permissions; update the anti-virus software; maintain the functionality of the e-mail and the Internet systems; carry out printer maintenance; optimise systems (such as disk defragmenation), etc.

Strategy Meetings

To review of the current status, to advise on future IT direction, to help compile a systems audit, to track the software licenses in use, to review system security, set up recovery procedures, advice and assist on purchasing of hardware and software

Software Support

We will respond within 4 hours from placing the call with us, will provide assistance over the telephone, seek to remedy and bypass software malfunctions, provide enhancements and updates, liaise with software providers on your behalf and arrange site visits at reduced rates should the need arises.